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The first dog we adopted was Ivan the Husky. He was seven years old and stubborn as a mule. I went to the local pet shop and bought him a collar. It wasn’t cheap, but the leather was. It didn’t last very long. We were lucky to get a year out of each collar we bought him. On his tenth birthday we went to the beach for a picnic with friends. He was tethered to the bench because, like most Huskies, his ears were painted on and he wasn’t inclined to do anything he was told. As the sun went down and we were packing up for the day Ivan spotted something in the bushes and bolted after it. When he reached the end of the line his collar snapped and off he went in search of his prey. Whatever it was he didn’t catch it, but it was then that we realised we needed better collars for him and our other three rescue blockheads. For safety’s sake.

I’ve always been crafty and enjoyed making things so off I went to weekend classes at our local tannery and learned how to work with leather. While I was making my first collar for a friend I asked Dave to help me. He’s a highly skilled cabinetmaker by trade, so his attention to detail and patience put me to shame. I handed him the reins and stuck to the bit I was good at – sales, marketing, social media and customer service. Turning a hobby into a business is something I’ve been doing since I was a teenager selling necklaces and patchwork bags to classmates so it was a pretty natural progression for Ruthless Leather to open an online store. Since 2009 Dave and I have built a brand that’s both respected and highly coveted. Some of the best dog trainers in the country exclusively recommend us to their clients and our customers are so loyal that many have gone on to buy several pieces – even though the first collar they bought is still in perfect nick!

Dave and I currently share our home with the motley crew pictured above (Bruno, Chopper, Angel and Trixie) and the occasional foster puppy, or four. (We lost Ivan to acute pancreatitis when he was 11.) We’re passionate about creating products that not only look and feel great, but are hardwearing and strong also. We’re so confident about the quality of our gear that we guarantee all our pieces for ten years. Head on over to the shop and join the Ruthless Leather family, you’ll be in excellent company.

x Ruth (+ Dave + Angel + Chopper + Trixie + Bruno)