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closed until further notice

July 31, 2018

Ruthless Leather has always been a side hustle for Dave and I but as both of our other businesses are taking up more and more time it’s becoming impossible to keep all the balls in the air. Before we drop one we’ve decided to close Ruthless Leather for a while. We don’t know exactly how long, but until we catch up with all of the other things we’ve fallen behind on, look after some health stuff and maybe even spend some time together where the pay-off isn’t orders backing up.

We’re both people pleasers and struggle with the fact that we’re letting people down by taking a break. But lightbulb moments like neither of us having time to take Trixie to the vet recently (we made time, she had three grade 2 tumours removed) and planning to catch up on paperwork while we’re on holidays made me realise we need to make some changes, to stay on top of both business and normal life stuff.

We’ve disabled the add-to-cart button on all our made-to-order listings and gift vouchers but not on the ready-to-ship listings, so you can still buy from that section. We’re contactable. If you have a voucher you can still redeem it, just email us. Orders in the queue will be completed and if you sent an enquiry before this decision was made we’ll do our best to look after you.

If you’d like to be notified when we re-open you can subscribe to our mailing list here.

xx Ruthless (+ Daveless)

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holiday closure | custom made leather collars

October 20, 2017

Skadi is available for adoption from Fetching Dogs. This image and four other Christmas puppy photos have been made into greeting cards and will be on sale in the Ruthless Photos online store soon, with all profits going to the charity.

Give him a break!
It’s approaching that time of year again where Daveless finally gets to catch his breath and take a well earned break. If you’re planning to gift a bespoke Ruthless Leather piece this Christmas the cut-off for orders is 31st October 2017. We guarantee that your purchase will be shipped before our delivery company’s Christmas cut-off.*  

Orders placed after the cut-off won’t be completed until March 2018.

*In Australia, that is. International customers will need to contact us.

What if I miss the cut-off?
You can still order from the discounted section, just allow at least a week for shipping. Gift vouchers will also be available right up until Christmas Eve. They’re sent electronically to print at home.

Winners are grinners
We’re donating a voucher for a bespoke collar and lead to Fetching Dogs for an upcoming raffle that I’ve organised. There are so many amazing prizes, I want to enter myself! I’ll send details in November when tickets go on sale. You can also subscribe to the Ruthless Photos mailing list to be first to know.

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Christmas orders | strong leather dog collars

November 5, 2015

bruno the dog wrapped in fairy lights christmas

Cut-off for Christmas orders
Our production time is 4-6 weeks so in order to guarantee delivery before Christmas, and allow time for postage, you’ll need to get your orders in to us before midnight this Sunday (8 November 2015). This guarantee is for domestic customers only, it’s now too late for customers outside of Australia. Overseas customers can still order something between now and Christmas but it most likely won’t get to you in time to place it under the tree.

Christmas opening hours and gift vouchers
Ruthless Leather will be closed from 18th December 2015 until Monday 4th January 2016. During that time the email will be on auto-reply and there will be no one available to answer any questions or generate gift vouchers. If you wish to gift someone a voucher for Christmas we’ll need to receive your order before close of business (Sydney time) on Friday 18th December.

Summer holiday for Daveless
As Dave works 60-70 hour weeks year ’round we stop production over Christmas and through January in order for him to recharge. He’ll down tools on the 18th of December and won’t return to the workshop until the start of February 2016. While you can still access the website and place orders during that time, no work will be done until he returns from his break. You can still order from the Ready to Ship section (although the section above still applies) but any custom orders received after the start of December 2015 will not be completed until between mid-February and mid-March 2016.

The foster puppy was going to model for our Christmas photo, to give you a break from Bruno for at least one post, but he decided that running around in the rain and digging holes would be way more fun. He hasn’t quite worked out the value of cabasnossi like Bruno has!

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ruthless leather martingale collar with buckle

leather martingale collar with buckle

September 9, 2015

ruthless leather martingale collar with buckle

We often get asked which type of collar is best for a dog that pulls on the lead. While our leather martingale collars with buckles are fantastic training aids, they won’t miraculously stop your dog from pulling, particularly if it’s a behaviour that is already quite ingrained in your dog. We recommend that you book a session with a reputable balanced trainer in your area for help with loose leash walking in conjunction with our martingale collars.

Here are some important facts about these collars:

– To be worn ONLY during training/walks
– When sized correctly, dog cannot back out of this collar
– Proper placement is high and snug, at the jaw and behind ears (as pictured)
– Allow for leash corrections
– Stop use if dog is pulling and choking (gasping for air/gagging/coughing)
– Never use when dog is tied out/tethered

Source: PitBulls Against Misinformation

Our martingale collars can be made with chains and without.

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