ruthless leather martingale collar with buckle

leather martingale collar with buckle

September 9, 2015

ruthless leather martingale collar with buckle

We often get asked which type of collar is best for a dog that pulls on the lead. While our leather martingale collars with buckles are fantastic training aids, they won’t miraculously stop your dog from pulling, particularly if it’s a behaviour that is already quite ingrained in your dog. We recommend that you book a session with a reputable balanced trainer in your area for help with loose leash walking in conjunction with our martingale collars.

Here are some important facts about these collars:

– To be worn ONLY during training/walks
– When sized correctly, dog cannot back out of this collar
– Proper placement is high and snug, at the jaw and behind ears (as pictured)
– Allow for leash corrections
– Stop use if dog is pulling and choking (gasping for air/gagging/coughing)
– Never use when dog is tied out/tethered

Source: PitBulls Against Misinformation

Our martingale collars can be made with chains and without.

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